Sports Photography with a Leica?!?

Sure, why not! I tried it at this year's BMW Frankfurt Marathon, just to see if it works. No program mode, no AF, no 20 fps... Sit by the side of the road, pre-focus on an old chewing gum stuck to the street, and wait for the runners to come into view.

Actually by keeping your second eye open you can predict the timing quite well :)

All shots taken with a Leica M-P and a Summilux 50mm.


Leica M (240)

I went to shoot a YELP event and wanted to try the new Leica M on that occasion. Turns out it can work pretty well and will deliver results that are far more elegant than the usual event pictures ;)

Thanks to YELP Frankfurt and to Foto Rahn for making this possible!

Ricoh GR

Nikon Df

Olympus BCL-1580 & Panasonic Lumix GM1

Sony RX100 Mark 3